Cancer Personality Traits, Everything you need to know about Cancer Zodiac Sign.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Learn about Cancer traits, personality, compatibility, and more!

Are you Cancer? If yes, then you should be familiar with the Cancer traits. Cancer is the fourth sign of all zodiacs whose quality is cardinal. The people born between June 21 and July 22 come to Cancer Sign. The lucky color for the cancer zodiac sign is White, and the lucky numbers are 2, 3, 15, 20.

Cancer-born people are sentimental and deeply intuitive. They are attached to their family a lot, and Cancer is the most challenging zodiac sign.

Ruling Planet and Element

Cancer is ruled by Moon and is a water sign. Therefore, the Crab represents this zodiac sign. The ruling planet of this sign is Moon that signifies self-care, comfort, and maternal energies. This sign is guided by emotions and their heart, and they had a hard time in their life. 

The phases of the lunar cycle create extreme emotional patterns that are uncontrollable. Most of the Cancerians have been called psychics due to their intense psychic powers, and with good reasons, they create innovative ideas and intuit relationships.


Cancer Compatibility

Most Compatible Signs With Cancer

Do you know about the compatible signs of Cancer? Do you want to see how the cancer sign matches your zodiac sign as a lover and friend? Stick to the post and know about the most compatible signs for cancer sign. Signs that share the same personality traits can be the most compatible. 

The most compatible signs of cancer sin are two earth signs Taurus and Capricorn.

Water is indeed compatible with earth, and both elements complement each other. These elements represent loyalty and service orientation. 


Cancer & Taurus

When Taurus and Cancer signs are together, they are true partners. Both characters are sensual and enjoy their five senses, whether tasting food, drinking, listening, or enjoying art. In addition, these signs are sensitive and caring to their loved ones. Taurus zodiac sign wants their partner to feel true physical pleasure. 

Cancer Sign make Taurus feel an extreme sense of closeness. Cancer sign is knowns as a love of home, and Taurus sign can make their homes beautiful. They seek security in a love relationship and trust their partners a lot. 

They can never break the hearts of their loved ones, especially if they have made a love commitment.


Cancer and Capricorn

In the context of love, Cancer and Capricorn can be the perfect match. They are also known as sister signs that have a strong foundation. They give priority to their family and are known for being creative. 

When it comes to Moody Cancer, they can turn to be unemotional. These zodiac signs respect each other and are determined towards their work. They have the same attributes regarding their life goals. 

If they stay together with understanding, then they can build a solid and long-lasting relationship.


Least Compatible Signs With Cancer

The cancer sign is least compatible with Libra and Aries zodiac signs. 


Cancer Characteristics

The fourth sign of the zodiac is a cardinal water sign which the Crab represents. Cancerians love their family unconditionally more than anything in this universe. In addition, they are blessed with super intuitive and psychic powers that help them judge people in this world. Cancer sign people are more sensitive inside, but they have a stricter side as well.

On the positive side, they are known for being loyal, intuitive, honest, protective, caring, and emotional. The water element of this cancer zodiac sign represents emotional depths. 

Like crabs, they love to stay at their shells; means they feel comfortable and secure at their home.  Cancer Personality is loyal but connecting with other personas at the first meet is difficult for them.

But when they have opened up, they will be connected to you for long life. All to say, it is not easy to gain Cancer's trust in a short time.

Cancerians have creative skills as well, and they love to share their feelings through poems and writings.

Protective nature is another cancer trait. They are incredibly protective of their family and loved ones. Cancer sign is strongly associated with their home, so they can't leave their family alone. It also signifies parental instincts, and they feel a lot of peace around their loved ones or at home.

In the context of more Cancer Qualities, they are incredibly nurturing and caring. You can feel this trait in the protectiveness of cancers. Talking about love, Cancerians are generous to their parents, and they expect the same love and care in return. 


On the darker side, Cancer sign people also have negative traits including sensitive nature, moody behavior, Unpredictable, and Clingy. Cancer personality is also known for being moody and unpredictable. Your mood is based on the situation; you laugh at a moment and shedding your tears after some time.

You are waving with this trait in your life. Also, Cancer born people are over-imaginative that creates trouble sometimes. No one can understand them quickly as they switch moods rapidly.


Cancer Relationships

In love and romance, Cancer Sign is generous to their loved ones but expects the same care and love in return. They fall in love easily and are committed to their relationships. So they look for a lovemate who can give value to them and follow their lifestyle.

In addition to this, they also love to enjoy their independence and want some time to focus on themselves. On one side, they are committed and protective, but they can also sacrifice their health for the sake of love relations. This trait can lead to unhealthy partnerships. 

Cancers don't like small tasks and love to do big tasks. In addition, they are known for their emotional depths and devotion to their family. Whenever they feel sad, they decide to stay at home for protection and happiness. 

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