Taurus Personality Traits, Everything you need to know about Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Learn about Taurus traits, personality, compatibility, and more!

Hey! Is your zodiac sign is Taurus? Do you know about Taurus traits and qualities? Taurus is the second sun sign in all zodiacs whose symbol is the Bull. The people born between April 20 - May 20 belongs to the Second zodiac sign, Taurus. The lucky day for the Taurus sign are Friday and Monday, and the lucky numbers are 2, 6, 9, 12, 24. Let's know more about Taurus zodiac sign.


Ruling Planet and Element

Taurus is ruled by Venus and is an earth sign. Taurus-born people enjoy relaxing in the natural environment, beautiful views, surrounded by soft and relaxing sounds, soothing aromas, and blooming winds.

The ruling planet of the Taurus sign is the planet that governs beauty, love, and money. 

Another fact about Venus planet is that it is different for Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. Venus motivates and appreciates the finer things in the lifelike career, entertainment, nature, food, home, and love for the Taurus zodiac sign.

In the context of Taurus's influence on Taurus children, the child feels lots of energy that motivates them to explore more things in the world. But sometimes, Taurus children can be stubborn. Outdoor activities can help Taurus children to connect with natural beauty. 

Venus plays a crucial role in Taurus's career and helps them to get a well-paying career. When it comes to the influence of ruling planet over Taurus love life, it is true to the earth element. 

Taurus-born people feel romance and love naturally with the growing family expectations. 

All to say, Venus planet was the Roman goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and energy. 

The earth element is feminine that corresponds to a typology of Sensation. The Earth's energy is heavy, and people with this element are grounded and can feel the pleasure of the physical world. Compared to other star signs, people with earth elements are self-sufficient, which is one of the Taurus qualities.


Taurus Compatibility

Taurians are very specific about few things in their life. Taurus is considered to be a cautious sign among all zodiacs. They look for multiple things for a relationship, be it romantic or materialistic. They can never love immediately' they need their sweet time for any decision. 

Taurus-born people look for commitment, intimacy, and stability in a love relationship. Therefore, they are only compatible with few zodiac signs, and those signs are Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.


Taurus with Cancer Sign

You might be familiar with Taurus' qualities and compatibility. When it comes to Taurus and Cancer Sign compatibility, they are intuitive, loyal, and emotional. A cancer personality always checks the requirements of Taurus people. They respect each other and also regard financial security in the best possible way.

They are also super homely and can build a strong relationship. But, on the other hand, sometimes they can be jealous and possessive because of the dynamic traits; otherwise, cancer is a better match for the Taurus sign.


Taurus with Virgo Sign

The element of the Taurus and Virgo sign is Earth that signifies stability and security. 

They can be familiar with the determination level, and most of the traits are similar as their element is Earth. Their similar traits help them to understand each other. For example, they value each other's desires, passion, and responsibilities.


Taurus with Capricorn Sign

Capricorn and Taurus compatibility is better than other zodiac signs. Both signs have a great sense of humor, high-end work ethics, and ambitions.

Their personality makes them perfect match for each other. They value each other's ambitions, and they lead stable life.


Taurus with Pisces Sign

Taurus's personality is practical and grounded; Taurus's personality is balanced with the self-sacrificing Pisces. Taurus people always look for reliable and loyal partners, but they do not want someone sensitive. 

But Pisces and Taurus can be a perfect pair as their loyalty, and caring nature brings trust in a relationship.

And the least compatible zodiac signs for Taurus are Leo and Aquarius.


Taurus Characteristics

Taurus sign people are passionate, elegant, logical, generous, determined, patient, and loyal. Well-grounded nature is one of the best Taurus traits, and this sign harvests fruits of labor.

Taurus sign is also knowns as the most attractive of the zodiac children and most dependable sign. They are also enthusiastic and worldly; they are strong and stubborn due to their strong willpower.

Taurus-born people are wise and do a lot to secure the life of their loved ones. This sign is the sign of development and growth. For them, personal satisfaction is important, and they are particular about their choices.

Taurus's personality can see things from a realistic perspective. Taurus sign is famous for its logical thinking; they are methodical about life matters and situations. That is why people seek advice from you in tough situations.

You can help people by advising while dealing with tough situations.

Every zodiac sign has negative traits as well, and some of the negative Taurus traits are- Jealousy, Laziness, stubbornness, materialism, and possessiveness.

Sometimes their connection with materialistic life can make them possessive with people. Taurus-born people want a luxurious life and have grand plans to live a good life.


Taurus Relationships

If you want to date a Taurus personality, then you need to have patience. They are sensual, and pleasure is also important to them; no doubt, they need a safe environment. 

In the context of love partners, they look for someone who can respond to their intellectual needs and fulfill their family's expectations. They are serious about their relations and stay in a true relation for a long time. They are familiar with their partner's traits and appreciate the efforts as well. 

If they truly love someone, they can't leave them; they will always try to solve the issues to lead a happy life. They are good at showing their heart feelings in front of their partners. However, they cannot express their love with words; they can show their love physically and by emotions.

They love to date someone who can make them feel comfortable. They like practical people and who can cater to their needs as well. They hate sensitive people and always look for strong partners. 

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