Zodiac Birthstones, Find out the right gemstone for your astrology sign.

Zodiac Birthstone- Find out the right gemstone for your astrology sign

Have you ever wear a gemstone? Are you familiar with the significance of sparkling Gemstones in your life? Most people indeed wear colorful stones for their sheer beauty, but they are not familiar with the fact that gems are believed to have positive, healing solid powers and therapeutic influences.

The precious gemstones were used in stone jewelry or ornaments and believed to bring good luck in life.  Zodiac birthstones are symbolic and based on your Rashi, which is the astrological zodiac sign. 

Another name for zodiac birthstones is Astral stones which were derived from astrology in ancient times. 

The beautiful gemstones are associated with your Rashi, and your zodiac sign can be linked with one or more gems.

No doubt, gemstones are polished pieces of mineral crystals but have more significance in astrology. They are well-known for healing properties, therapeutic influences, and spiritual healing properties that benefit the mind, soul, and body of a person.

If you believe in traditional and Vedic astrology, take a look at the birthstones guide and which stone is perfect for different zodiac signs.


Aries Zodiac Sign (March21-April 19) Birthstonegarnet gemstone

The Aries-born people are highly ambitious and great leaders due to their strong mental strength. The perfect birthstone for Aries zodiac sign is Garnet, as this birthstone can bless the wearer with substantial fame, good health, name, and wealth. 

This stone can also be used as an alternative stone for Coral stone. Independent people, great leaders, and intelligent people can wear Garnet birthstone. It also promotes career success.

Stick to the post and know more about gemstones by month.


Taurus Zodiac Sign (April 20-May-20) Birthstoneopal gemstone

Taureans are grounded and ambitious. They always look for luxurious life and work hard to fulfill their dreams. Venus is the ruling planet for the Taurus zodiac sign, and they love to enjoy materialistic things. 

The best-suited gemstone for Taureans is Opal. Opal is the stone called the bearer of love, and it spreads happiness and eternal love in your life.


Gemini Zodiac Sign (May 21-June 20) Birthstonejade gemstone

Geminis are highly active and versatile. They are quick learners and more energetic. Mercury rules the Gemini zodiac sign, and Jade is the perfect stone for Geminis. This stone can help them in calming down and balancing their emotions. 

Jade gemstone is known for spreading peace, removing negativity from life, and promoting wisdom. The wearer will see lots of encouragement in them and will feel more confident.


Cancer Zodiac Sign (June 21-July 22) BirthstoneMoonstone gemstone

Cancer-born people are very sensitive, and they can never share their pain with others. 

Moon is the ruling planet for the Cancer astrology sign, and the best-suited birthstone for this zodiac sign is Moonstone.

The precious Moonstone will bring success in career and love life; in addition to this, moonstones also offer emotional stability and enhance creative skills.


Leo Zodiac Sign (July 23-Aug 22) BirthstoneRed Spinel gemstone

Leo-born people are extraordinarily ambitious and dominating. But their highly ambitious nature puts pressure on their mind and hormones. So red Spinel is the best birthstone for Leo sign who can overcome this problem.

Red Spinel is also known as a stone of revitalization and can reduce the wearer's stress and anxiety. It also cures depression.


Virgo Zodiac Sign (Aug 23-Sep 22) BirthstoneGreen Tourmaline gemstone

Virgo-born people are intelligent and highly supportive. Mercury rules this zodiac sign, and Virgo people use a lot of energy in life activities.

Green Tourmaline will be the best gemstone for the Virgo astrology sign. This precious gemstone supports self-realization and improves financial status as well. Also, Green Tourmaline can improve the wearer's concentration power, which is the perfect stone for kids.


Libra Zodiac Sign (Sep 23-Oct 22) BirthstoneWhite Quartz gemstone

The people with Libra Zodiac Sign are talented but not perfect. No doubt, they are generous and creative, but also they are emotionally disturbed and need perfection in every task. 

Libra zodiac sign people can wear White Quartz because it symbolizes peace and relaxation.

The white quartz stone helps in reducing anger, stress, and anxiety. In addition, in the context of healing properties, it can boost metabolism, thinking ability, and spiritual healing.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign (Oct 23-Nov 21) BirthstoneCarnelian gemstone

Scorpions are passionate and determined in their life. They are also good to face readers and usually expect the same behavior from others.

Mars controls the Scorpio zodiac sign, and their excessive use of body energy lets them down sometimes. Scorpians can wear Carnelian gemstones. This beautiful stone brings good luck and boosts confidence. It is also known for increasing physical stamina and fertility.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (Nov 22-Dec 21) BirthstoneCitrine gemstone

Sagittarius-born people are lovers of freedom and adventure lovers. They love to do fun with their friends and family.

Jupiter is the controller of Sagittarius-born people, and these people can wear Citrine. Citrine gemstone is known for making a person deeply calm and composed. 

It is the stone of self-esteem, positive energy, and individuality. If you want to boost your confidence and personal expressions, then wear Citrine.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Dec 22-Jan 19) BirthstoneAmethyst gemstone

Capricorn-born people are worker bees, and they are highly ambitious, goal-oriented, and practical. They put lots of effort into every work task, and sometimes this exhausts their energy, leading to mental health conditions like depression.

Capricorn zodiac sign people can wear Amethyst as the controller planet for this sign is Saturn. It will improve creativity and remove restlessness. This gemstone helps in reducing intoxications and gives power to people in realizing their inner strength.


Aquarius Zodiac Sign (Jan 20-Feb 18) Birthstoneblue sapphire gemstone

Aquarians are known for being humanitarian. They are intelligent and have unique mental abilities. The ruling planet for Aquarius is Uranus, and they are very secretive as well.

Uranus is the controller of this zodiac sign, and blue sapphire will be the best gemstone for this sign. Aquarians are emotionally unstable that causes stress and anxiety in their life. Blue sapphire gemstone balances emotions give inner strength and improve meditation. If you want to live a good spiritual journey, then wear Blue Sapphire.


Pisces Zodiac Sign (Feb 19-March 20) BirthstoneAquamarine gemstone

Neptune rules this zodiac sign, and people with this sign have strong mental desires. They are active, energy-absorbant, compassionate, and sensitive as well. Pisces people can wear the Aquamarine gemstone for a peaceful mind and good career life.

This gemstone improves rational decision-making power and eliminates anxiety from the mind and body. Pisces' can also use the substitutes Amethyst, Ruby, Bloodstone, and Jasper.


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